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Here are all of the main topics available for you to explore on this site. In each one of the topics below you'll find videos from Richard, other space videos, links to sound effects, photographs, audio clips and more. You can download any of these and put them into your own essay, story, teaching resource, video or digital mash-up. Don't forget, you can also find links to music and other online materials in the Teachers' Guidance and Other Resources and Links sections.

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Richard uses a simple demonstration to show conservation of angular momentum occurring in space.

Tags: Science, Momentum, Common

To create artworks unlike any that could be made on Earth, Richard built a paint box

Tags: Liquids, Art, Biography, Fun, Common

Getting ready for the mission involved Richard testing his body to the extreme

Tags: Training, Diet, Bones, Gravity, Health, Common

Busting a new move in micro gravity

Tags: Dancing, Fun, Gravity, Common

Liquids do funny things in space, so what happens when you fancy having a drink?

Tags: Drinking, Science, Fluids, Gravity, Common

Richard retakes the same pictures his father took to show how the Earth has changed in just one generation

Tags: Earth, Photography, View, Environment, Common

Richard photographs New Orleans from the ISS to help give a better view of how the amazing city was recovering from Hurricane Katrina

Tags: Earth, Photography, View, Environment, Common

Palm islands are artificial islands created off the coasts of Dubai in the Middle East

Tags: Earth, Photography, View, Environment, Common

You’ll never think of a snack the same way again

Tags: Eating, Gravity, Diet, Common

Would you get fizzy drinks in space?

Tags: Drinking, Fluids, Gases, Science, Common

In this demonstration we can observe what happens to water in the absence of gravity

Tags: Science, Fluids, Liquids, Fun, Common

It’s much easier in your bathroom at home

Tags: Liquids, Gravity, Health, Common

Things aren’t always what they seem!

Tags: Magic, Gravity, Common, Fun

How do we measure and maintain the direction of a spacecraft? We use gyroscopes

Tags: Science, Gyroscopes, Stability, Common

Richard was a human guinea pig for lots of medical experiments

Tags: Health, Science, Body, Heart, Common

Richard created a number of fun and clever magic effects that made use of the fact that they were amazing when performed in space

Tags: Magic, Fun, Common

Pick up a towel and fly

Tags: Gravity, Fun, Science, Common

In this demonstration you can see magnets in space interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field

Tags: Science, Magnets, Forces, Fun, Common

Every space mission needs its own unique patch design

Tags: Mission, Patch, Biography, Common

What happens when we mix two different liquids in space?

Tags: Science, Liquids, Common

Momentum is conserved, even in space

Tags: Science, Momentum, Forces, Common

Mould is all over planet Earth, but what about in space?

Tags: Science, Mould, Health, Common

In space you can communicate with people on Earth using Radio signals

Tags: Science, Communications, Ham radio, Signals, Common

So, how do you go to bed in space?

Tags: Sleeping, Health, Common

There is no wind in space

Tags: Stability, Science, Common

How do you tell time accurately in space?

Tags: Time. science, Watch, Common

In space you can’t go shopping

Tags: Gravity, Fun, Common

How to keep clean without gravity

Tags: Washing, Fluids, Health, Body, Common

Water is vital to life, and in space it is beautiful

Tags: Science, Liquids, Drinking, Fun, Common

Richard was inspired to go into space through the experiences of his father

Tags: Mission, Father, Biography, Common