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How do you tell time accurately in space?

Tags: Time. science, Watch, Common

Richard photographs New Orleans from the ISS to help give a better view of how the amazing city was recovering from Hurricane Katrina

Tags: Earth, Photography, View, Environment, Common

Palm islands are artificial islands created off the coasts of Dubai in the Middle East

Tags: Earth, Photography, View, Environment, Common

Richard uses a simple demonstration to show conservation of angular momentum occurring in space.

Tags: Science, Momentum, Common

What happens when we mix two different liquids in space?

Tags: Science, Liquids, Common

There is no wind in space

Tags: Stability, Science, Common

How do we measure and maintain the direction of a spacecraft? We use gyroscopes

Tags: Science, Gyroscopes, Stability, Common

Pick up a towel and fly

Tags: Gravity, Fun, Science, Common

Mould is all over planet Earth, but what about in space?

Tags: Science, Mould, Health, Common

Momentum is conserved, even in space

Tags: Science, Momentum, Forces, Common

In this demonstration we can observe what happens to water in the absence of gravity

Tags: Science, Fluids, Liquids, Fun, Common

In this demonstration you can see magnets in space interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field

Tags: Science, Magnets, Forces, Fun, Common

Liquids do funny things in space, so what happens when you fancy having a drink?

Tags: Drinking, Science, Fluids, Gravity, Common

Would you get fizzy drinks in space?

Tags: Drinking, Fluids, Gases, Science, Common

Richard was a human guinea pig for lots of medical experiments

Tags: Health, Science, Body, Heart, Common

In space you can communicate with people on Earth using Radio signals

Tags: Science, Communications, Ham radio, Signals, Common

Water is vital to life, and in space it is beautiful

Tags: Science, Liquids, Drinking, Fun, Common

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