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Discover the daily challenges and fun to be had in life in orbit

Watch Richard demonstrate cool science in Zero G!

See Richard's view of the Earth's environment from Space.

Getting to Space is an adventure, but so is living there...


See some of the fun Richard had in micro-gravity

Featured Materials

To create artworks unlike any that could be made on Earth, Richard built a paint box

Tags: Liquids, Art, Biography, Fun, Common

Getting ready for the mission involved Richard testing his body to the extreme

Tags: Training, Diet, Bones, Gravity, Health, Common

Things aren’t always what they seem!

Tags: Magic, Gravity, Common, Fun

Liquids do funny things in space, so what happens when you fancy having a drink?

Tags: Drinking, Science, Fluids, Gravity, Common

It’s much easier in your bathroom at home

Tags: Liquids, Gravity, Health, Common

Pick up a towel and fly

Tags: Gravity, Fun, Science, Common