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Things aren’t always what they seem!

Tags: Magic, Gravity, Common, Fun

Busting a new move in micro gravity

Tags: Dancing, Fun, Gravity, Common

In space you can’t go shopping

Tags: Gravity, Fun, Common

You’ll never think of a snack the same way again

Tags: Eating, Gravity, Diet, Common

It’s much easier in your bathroom at home

Tags: Liquids, Gravity, Health, Common

Pick up a towel and fly

Tags: Gravity, Fun, Science, Common

Getting ready for the mission involved Richard testing his body to the extreme

Tags: Training, Diet, Bones, Gravity, Health, Common

Liquids do funny things in space, so what happens when you fancy having a drink?

Tags: Drinking, Science, Fluids, Gravity, Common

How to keep clean without gravity

Tags: Washing, Fluids, Health, Body, Common

In this demonstration we can observe what happens to water in the absence of gravity

Tags: Science, Fluids, Liquids, Fun, Common

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