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Richard Garriott - computer games guru, adventurer and astronaut - visited the International Space Station in 2008. Now Richard is sharing some of his amazing experiences with you through the videos on this website. You can explore the clips, find extra facts, images and explanations, and download the material to use in lessons and projects.

....Now space can be your adventure too.



The winners of the first Our Space Competition were announced at a special event at the Farnborough International Airshow on Friday 23rd July 2010. To view the winning entries, go to the Competition News page.

The competition is now closed - but the Our Space website will remain for you to use freely!

What next?...


  1. Watch the introduction from Richard above.

  2. Explore the videos, photos, sound effects, articles and other materials available all over this website, and start to think about how you would tell the story of your own 'space adventure'.
    (You can start to explore by clicking on any of the topics to the right, on the Materials tab at the top, or by going to the 'All Digital Resources' page).

  3. Start to download some of the materials and put them together as a 'mash-up'. (THE COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED).

Remember, you can make any kind of 'mash-up' with the materials on this website - a video, an illustrated essay, an audio piece, animation or PowerPoint. ...It's all up to you!

And you'll find plenty of tips, guidance and useful links in the About and Competition sections.

You can find out more about Richard Garriott here.

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Try these mashable videos, photos, sound effects & more!

To create artworks unlike any that could be made on Earth, Richard built a paint box

Tags: Liquids, Art, Biography, Fun, Common

Richard retakes the same pictures his father took to show how the Earth has changed in just one generation

Tags: Earth, Photography, View, Environment, Common

How do we measure and maintain the direction of a spacecraft? We use gyroscopes

Tags: Science, Gyroscopes, Stability, Common

Busting a new move in micro gravity

Tags: Dancing, Fun, Gravity, Common

You’ll never think of a snack the same way again

Tags: Eating, Gravity, Diet, Common

Water is vital to life, and in space it is beautiful

Tags: Science, Liquids, Drinking, Fun, Common

Getting ready for the mission involved Richard testing his body to the extreme

Tags: Training, Diet, Bones, Gravity, Health, Common

In this demonstration you can see magnets in space interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field

Tags: Science, Magnets, Forces, Fun, Common

Momentum is conserved, even in space

Tags: Science, Momentum, Forces, Common

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