Our Space is the place to explore unique footage of the experience of Space flight and download a range of Space-related videos, images, audio and resources to use in lessons, projects and 'mashups'. This section tells you a bit more about this and who is behind the project.

Using this website we hope you will discover new ways to explore a whole range of curriculum content, combined with the excitement of a high profile national competition. Richard is a scientist and a story teller so we are looking for not just science materials that can be used in science classes, but entries that show great story telling, passion and excitement.

Space captures the imagination, and science makes space travel possible. New digital technologies allow these fiction and non fiction tales to be told in new ways. We hope you will help your students to create something amazing. Space for them can be a personal learning experience. Here are some ideas on how you can use the website in class:

In English, you can use the resources to help students recount Richard’s adventure, or create a newspaper account of his journey, or create instructions on how he conducted the experiments.

In Science, you might want the students to create their own ‘fair test’ of the experiments Richard has conducted and write up their own explanation of the science behind the experiments.

In Media Studies, ICT and Creative & Media courses, you can use the materials to help create a recording, a digital product, or a media release.


Richard is a great fan of projects. At school he was allowed to create his own projects and get school credits for them. His first projects involved … programming computer games. These digital endeavours led him to starting his career in computer games and then led him to his millions.

Richard believes that great projects allow you to be creative, teach you how to plan, research and manage your time. We know that some of you might be using Our Space for your own or for school projects, so we’ve created a space (sorry about the pun!) just for you.

Below you'll find a number of template documents which can be used for planning, designing and evaluating all kinds of projects.

Free Music, Images and Editing Guides

Also provided below is a document containing links to various websites which provide free clipart, images and music for educational and non-commercial uses. This document has not been added to the main downloadable resources page, as we feel you should be happy with the content of these sites yourself before passing them on to your students, particularly as some have special conditions for using the music free of charge.

For tips on using Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie, see the downloadable guides on the Other Resources & Links page. (Movie Maker comes free on all Windows PCs and iMovie comes free with all Macintosh computers).

And don't forget, there are a range of other tips, hints and links to other useful websites on the Tips & Guidance and Other Resources & Links pages.