We want you to explore your imagination and capture the excitement of exploring space. You can create an amazing new version of Richard's story, a flight of imagination about your own future trip to space, or a science class video to help others understand the science you need to get to and live in space. You are in charge and the countdown has started. The prizes available are out of this world....

Stuck for ideas? Here are twenty examples to get you started, in no particular order... Of
course you will probably have better ideas! Just remember to research your entries, check the facts and have fun.

  1. A film trailer - your own 'coming soon' movie mashup.
  2. A ‘what happens next’ type mashup, which can be paused so the
    viewer guesses the outcome and then plays on to see if they are right.
  3. A bit of poetry - perhaps a haiku to mash into the mix?
  4. Richard’s space blog - what would/could he have said?
  5. A trailer for a 'Richard in Space' video game (remember, Richard is a
    gaming guru).
  6. An 'activity trail' guide for the Our Space website - just like a treasure
    hunt, with your audience following a set of clues from location to
    location on the website.
  7. A video promo for your future 'Richard in Space' social network
    game. Who would it be for, how would it help them learn, why would
    they play?
  8. A 'Richard in Space' science quiz based on the website.
  9. 'Unasked questions' - if he went again what would you ask him to do
    and why?
  10. A well researched science fiction story. All good science fiction
    takes science fact as a starting point.
  11. Your attempt at 'new art' - based on Richard’s Space demonstrations.
  12. A short animation for downloading - teaching some science and having
    some fun.
  13. A video promo for your future 'Richard in Space' iPhone app - who
    would it be for, how would it help them learn?
  14. Your own ideas for a science magic show in Space - making use of the
    microgravity of the ISS.
  15. Compose a theme song for Our Space or 'Richard in Space'.
  16. A 'Richard in Space' science crossword with video or picture clues.
  17. An illustrated newspaper article on Richard’s recently rediscovered
    lunar rover and 'owning' a part of the Moon.
  18. A video promoting the use of Space to help monitor the environment on Earth.
  19. A PowerPoint presentation on new ways to dance in space (with diagrams!).
  20. A video comparing how day to day life on the ISS (eating, sleeping
    etc) is different from day to day life on Earth.

Good luck!